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Does Breast and Ovarian Cancer Run In Your Families?

  Recently I sent a WhatsApp poster message to my friends saying that October is "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" and mentioned that if you have had ovarian cancer then you could be at risk of developing breast cancer or vice versa. One of my friend informed me that there is a request from his friend that they wanted to consult me.  I spoke to this young 40 year old lady who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer two years back and had undergone two surgeries and chemotherapy. During her routine follow-up she was advised to have genetic testing done and her BRCA1 turned out to be positive. Now, she was anxious if she would develop breast cancer and how can she reduce her risk. Does breast and ovarian cancer run in your family? Yes, if you have close relatives with history of breast or ovarian cancer then you may be at higher risk for developing these two cancers.  Draw your family health history tree and share this information with your doctor. This information could be your life s
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Myths and facts about endometriosis

Myth:   Endometriosis can be easily diagnosed. Fact:   Endometriosis is not an easy diagnosis. In fact, endometriosis can be confused with other gynecological conditions.  Gold standard for diagnosis of endometriosis is surgery. Myth:   Endometriosis always manifests itself with bothersome symptoms. Fact:  Not all women with endometriosis will have severe symptoms. Myth:  Endometriosis prevents women from conceiving. Fact:   Around thirty percent of women suffering from endometriosis struggle to get pregnant. Proper management of endometriosis generally increases the chances of conception. Myth:  Endometriosis can be cured by pregnancy. Fact:  Pregnancy may also control endometriosis symptoms to some extent but it is temporary. Myth:  There is no treatment for endometriosis. Fact:   Endometriosis is easily treatable. There are two main modes of treatment medical and surgical management. Myth:  Hysterectomy cures endometriosis. Fact:   Simple hysterectomy wil

Uterine cancer has to be treated holistically: Dr. Rani Bhat

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Know It To Beat It - Cervical Cancer

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Talk on cervical cancer by Dr. Rani Bhat | Suvarna News

Keep cervical cancer away!!!! January is cervical cancer awareness month & this gives us an opportunity to raise awareness about how women can protect themselves from this "preventable" cancer. Ways to prevent cervical cancer: take HPV vaccination before being sexually active and get regular Pap smear test beginning at the age of 21 (or 3 yrs of being sexually active) and keep repeating every 3-5 yrs till the age of 65yrs. If you've not had Pap smear test yet, please make time to get this potentially life-saving test. I had an opportunity to share some tips on Suvarna News. Watch out the below video!!!! For more information visit: